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Golf Rules FAQ - About.com
This Golf Rules FAQ answers frequently asked questions about both common and uncommon situations encountered when playing golf.
Golf Rules FAQ: Do I Have to Tell My Opponent if I've Found the Ball ...
The Rules of Golf do not specifically require you to help your opponent or fellow- competitor search for a ball; or to tell that golfer where his ball is if you find it.
Golf FAQs - About.com
This Golf FAQ provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from both ... The Golf Rules FAQ answers questions about sticky rules situations.
Golf Rules FAQ: Using Golf Clubs to Align Stance
Rules FAQ: Using Golf Clubs to Align Stance for Stroke. Can a Golfer Place Clubs (or other items) on Ground to Help Align for Stroke? By Brent Kelley.
Golf Rules FAQ: Winter Rules and Preferred Lies - About.com
Winter rules, also known as "preferred lies," is one of the most misunderstood concepts in golf. Winter rules refers to a practice that most recreational players take ...
Aeration Holes - Golf Rules FAQ - Do Golfers Get Relief from ...
Answer: Most golf courses, at least once a year, aerify their greens. Aerification, or aeration, is the process of punching small holes in the green; actually, small ...
Golf Rules FAQ: Ball Thought to be Lost Found in Hole After Playing ...
Say you hit a golf shot toward the green, but then are unable to find your ball. So you take your stroke-plus-distance penalty and hit another ball. But when you ...
Golf FAQ: Accidentally Hitting Ball With Practice Swing - About.com
You're standing next to your golf ball making practice swings when, whoops, you accidentally hit the ball. Is that a stroke? ... Find out with this Golf Rules FAQ entry .
Golf Rules FAQ: Is it OK to Practice Between Holes? - About.com
Are you allowed to practice golf shots between holes of your round? That question is answered in this entry from the Golf Rules FAQ.
Golf Rules FAQ - Playing Out of Order - About.com
From the Golf Rules FAQ, the About.com Golf Guide answers the question, "What is the penalty for playing a stroke out of order?"
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