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Golf Rules FAQ - About.com
This Golf Rules FAQ answers frequently asked questions about both common and uncommon situations encountered when playing golf.
Golf Rules FAQ: Do I Have to Tell My Opponent if I've Found the Ball ...
The Rules of Golf do not specifically require you to help your opponent or fellow- competitor search for a ball; or to tell that golfer where his ball is if you find it.
Golf Rules FAQ: What are Winter Rules (or Preferred Lies)?
Prior to this rule change, players would indiscriminately move the ball around in any fashion that they wished, often referred to as "bumping the ball". There were  ...
Golf Rules FAQ: Using Golf Clubs to Align Stance - About.com
Rules FAQ: Using Golf Clubs to Align Stance for Stroke. Can a Golfer Place Clubs (or other items) on Ground to Help Align for Stroke? By Brent Kelley.
Golf Rules FAQ - Playing Out of Order - About.com
From the Golf Rules FAQ, the About.com Golf Guide answers the question, "What is the penalty for playing a stroke out of order?"
Golf FAQ: Accidentally Hitting Ball With Practice Swing - About.com
You're standing next to your golf ball making practice swings when, whoops, you accidentally hit the ball. Is that a stroke? ... Find out with this Golf Rules FAQ entry .
Golf Rules FAQ: Is it OK to Practice Between Holes? - About.com
Are you allowed to practice golf shots between holes of your round? That question is answered in this entry from the Golf Rules FAQ.
Golf Rules FAQ: Using Long Putter to Measure Club Lengths
From the Golf Rules FAQ, the About.com Golf Guide answers the question, "Can I use a long putter to measure club lengths?"
Golf Rules FAQ: Ball Thought to be Lost Found in Hole After Playing ...
Say you hit a golf shot toward the green, but then are unable to find your ball. So you take your stroke-plus-distance penalty and hit another ball. But when you ...
Golf Rules- When Is a Ball Unplayable? - About.com
Can a golfer declare his golf ball unplayable anywhere on the course, and for ... Must the Golf Ball Be Literally Unplayable? ... Return to Golf Rules FAQ index ...
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