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Flip Through the Golf Record Book - About.com
Looking for golf records - highs and lows, bests and worsts, and all the rest? Here are records for the PGA and LPGA tours, the majors and more.
Golf Records, Stats, and Award Winners Almanac - About.com
The Golf Almanac from About.com offers lists of records, stats, award winners and more from the major tours and major championships.
PGA Tour Records and the Golfers Who Set Them - About.com
Find out who holds the most important PGA Tour records with this run through the tour recordbook.
US Open Golf Tournament Records (Bests and Worsts) - About.com
Learn about the history of the U.S. Open by browsing through these tournament records, including bests and worsts, highs and lows.
Lowest Golf Scores: The World Record 18-Hole Scores - About.com
What is the lowest score ever posted in an 18-hole round of golf? ... The Guinness Book of World Records does recognize a "world record" in this category, and ...
PGA Tour Records - Most Major Championship ... - Golf - About.com
Which golfers have won the most titles among men's major championships? Here is your answer.
Male Golfers with Most Major Championship Wins - About.com
See which male golfers have won the most major championship titles, ... The record for most men's major championship wins is kept in two different ways.
Longest Consecutive Cut Streaks - PGA Tour Records
Tiger Woods pga tour cuts record - Jamie Squire / Getty Images. Tiger Woods ... Putting in a golf scramble tournament - Tom Grizzle/Getty Images · What Are the ...
Lowest 18 Hole Score on PGA Tour (Golfers Who've Shot 59)
What is the record for lowest round of golf shot on the PGA Tour? Here are the golfer who've shot 59 in a PGA Tour tournament.
Golf Record for Most Strokes Under Par in Men's Major Championship
Which golfers hold the record for most strokes under par in a men's major championship? Here is the answer.
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