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Putting Tips: Learn to Make More Putts on the Golf Course - About.com
Click on headlines below to read putting tips from About.com, from golf instructors - and even from fellow golfers. Here's one tip that is probably more important ...
Best Putting Tips - Golfers Share Most Helpful Advice They've ...
What is the best putting tip you've ever gotten? Share it with other golfers here - and read advice that other golfers say has helped them the most on the greens.
How to Develop a Good Putting Stroke - Golf - About.com
Here is a simple drill for the practice green - or your living room - that can help a golfer develop a better putting stroke.
Rule 16: The Putting Green (The Rules of Golf) - About.com
Read Rule 16, which covers the putting green, from the Official Rules of Golf.
Green - Definition of Putting Green in Golf - About.com
Definition: The green, or putting green, is the culmination of a golf hole, where the flagstick and hole are located. Getting the golf ball into the hole on the putting ...
Marty Fleckman's Putting Technique: A Personal ... - Golf - About.com
This article demonstrates - in photos and text - the conventional putting technique of former PGA Tour winner and current top golf instructor Marty Fleckman.
Putting Across Sprinkler Heads in Golf: Free Relief? - About.com
If you are putting from off the green, but there is a sprinkler head between you and the putting surface, do you get free relief?
Best Instructional Books on Putting for Golfers - About.com
Putting is the most vexing part of golf for many of us. The shots are so short, yet our putts often wind up so far away! If you are one of the many who struggles on ...
How Golfers Determine Order of Play Around the Putting Green
From the Golf Rules FAQ, the About.com Golf Guide examines the order of play around the putting green. Does a player whose ball is off the green always play ...
Lag Putting Drill for Distance Control on the Golf Greens - About.com
Here is a lag putting drill that allows you to practice this golf skill without becoming too focused on the hole, but on performance.
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