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Golf Putters - Reviews and News Index - About.com
Looking for the latest info about golf putters? Bookmark this page, our index of guide reviews and articles about the newest golf putters to hit the market.
Toe Hang In Golf Putters - About.com
Toe Hang is a quality of certain types of putters. This definition explains the term, and what kinds of golfers need to be aware of it.
Should Anchoring Long Putters Be Banned From Golf? - About.com
Should anchoring long putters be banned from golf - outlawed by the USGA and R&A? Share your ... From the article: Long Putters: To Ban or Not to Outlaw?
Golf Putter Buying Guide - How to Make a Good Choice - About.com
There is a greater variety of putters on the market than any other piece of golf equipment. So choosing the right one can be difficult. There's only one foolproof ...
Comparing Conventional, Belly and Long Putters - Golf - About.com
There are hundreds of variations of putters out there, but there are three basic types when it comes to putter length: the conventional putters, belly putters and ...
Face Balanced Putter - Definition of the Golf Term - About.com
Definition: "Face-balanced" is a term applied to putters, and a putter that is face- balanced will be favored by golfers with a particular type of putting stroke.
Long Putter - What It Is in Golf - About.com
Read this definition to learn more about this type of golf club. ... As a category, long putters are those putters that are, well, longer than conventional putters and  ...
Broomstick Putter - What It Is in Golf - About.com
Read this definition to learn more about this type of golf club. ... "Broomstick putter " is another name for the long putter, those putters that are typically around 50 ...
Meet the Putter - Understanding Golf Clubs - About.com
Beginning golfers sometimes aren't sure which golf clubs do what, or why. Here, the About.com Golf Guides tries to help beginners understand putters.
Golf Putter Reviews and Ratings - About.com
The putter is the most personal of golf club choices, so it always helps to read the opinions of others, whether in ... Visit the golf putters news index for more info ...
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