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Golf History FAQ - Questions and Answers about Golf History
This Golf History FAQ answers frequently asked questions about the history of golf.
Why Do Golfers Yell 'Fore'? - Golf History FAQ - About.com
Why Do Golfers Yell 'Fore' for Errant Shots? Golf History FAQ: Origins of the golf term 'fore'. By Brent Kelley · Golf Expert. Share this. Send to a Friend via Email.
Golf History FAQ: Origins of Birdie and Eagle - About.com
How did the words birdie and eagle acquire their golf meanings? What are the origins of those terms? Read this answer from the Golf FAQ.
Origins of Golf: When and Where Did Golf Begin? - About.com
What are the origins of golf? When and where did the game begin? Those questions are tackled in this article from the Golf History FAQ.
Golf Timeline - History of Golf Timeline - About.com
... BeginnersBasic Sailboat Terms. See More About. golf timeline · golf history · golf almanac ... Related Resources. • Golf History Homepage • Golf Trivia Quizzes ...
1800-1850 in Golf History - About.com
Take a look at major developments and happenings in golf from 1800-1850.
Golf History FAQ: Does the Word Par Come from Golf? - About.com
From the Golf History FAQ, the About Golf Guide answers the question, "Did the word 'par' originate from golf?"
What Is the Origin of the Word 'Mulligan' in Golf? - About.com
... for the golf origin of mulligan. To me, the most likely explanations are the ones involving a golfer named Mulligan. Return to Golf History FAQ index ...
Origin of Golf Term Bogey - About.com
Golf History FAQ: Origin of Term 'Bogey'. How Did 'Bogey' Enter the Golf ... Return to Golf History FAQ index ... Golf History FAQ: Does "Par" Come from Golf?
Learn about the History of Golf - About.com
Have you ever wondered where and when golf began? And wanted to know more about its best players and greatest moments? Then check out our Golf History ...
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