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Golf History - Learn about the History of Golf - About.com
Golf has one of the most glorious histories of any sport still played. Find out more about golf history with the resources below. We guarantee you'll learn a lot you ...
Golf History FAQ - Questions and Answers about Golf History
This Golf History FAQ answers frequently asked questions about the history of golf.
Golf Timeline - History of Golf Timeline - About.com
Welcome to the Golf Timeline, a year-by-year look at the major developments in the history of golf from 1452 to the present day. Look below the "Sponsored ...
History of Golf - Who Invented Golf Clubs, Balls and Tees? - Inventors
Golf history - including origins of the game - history of golfing rules - and who invented golf courses - clubs - balls.
Origins of Golf: When and Where Did Golf Begin? - About.com
What are the origins of golf? When and where did the game begin? Those questions are tackled in this article from the Golf History FAQ.
Golf Tees: Their Interesting History and Development - About.com
Golf tees are among the humblest of golf equipment, yet to most golfers they are essential. Learn more about this tool including its history and what the rules say ...
History and Results From Golf's Major Championships - About.com
The term "golf majors" refers to those tournaments in men's golf, women's golf, senior golf and amateur golf that are identified by fans, players, media and history  ...
Why Do Golfers Yell 'Fore'? - Golf History FAQ - About.com
To warn those ahead. But why 'fore' - what is the origin of that term and its golf usage? ... 'Fore' for Errant Shots? Golf History FAQ: Origins of the golf term 'fore'.
When Was Golf First Televised - Golf History FAQ - About.com
From the Golf History FAQ, the About Golf Guide looks at golf's earliest appearance on television.
The Original Rules of Golf - Golf - About.com
When were the first rules of golf developed? The Golf History FAQ, from the About Golf Guide, answers that question - and shares the original rules.
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