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OEM Equipment - Golf FAQ, What is OEM Equipment? - About.com
Answer: "OEM" is an acronym that stands for "original equipment manufacturer." In the golf industry, the term OEM is used to describe any golf club that has been  ...
Gear Effect - Golf FAQ, What is Gear Effect? - About.com
Answer: "Gear effect" is the term used to describe the action of the clubhead, during impact with the ball, that causes a shot hit off the toe to curve in a draw or ...
Forged Irons vs. Cast Irons: What's the Difference? - Golf - About.com
How do cast irons and forged irons compare? This FAQ explains the differences between the two methods of manufacturing golf clubs.
What Is a Redan Hole in Golf? - A Description - About.com
It's a specific type of hole on a golf course. Learn what ... Redan hole at North Berwick Golf Links - David Cannon/Getty Images. The Redan hole at .... Golf History FAQ · Golf Course Terms · Golf Course Pictures · Different Ty...
Golf Rules FAQ: Winter Rules and Preferred Lies - About.com
If you've ever played golf under winter rules (or preferred lies), you might be surprised. ... Golf Rules FAQ: What are Winter Rules (Preferred Lies)?
US Open Golf Tournament FAQ
Welcome to our FAQ about the U.S. Open. These are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about this major championship. Click on the ...
Wider Soles - Golf FAQ, What Is the Effect of Wider Soles on Irons?
(Editor's Note: Many golf companies these days design irons with wider soles and tout the game-improvement qualities of this design characteristic. But why?
Golf History FAQ: What Were Stymies? - About.com
From the Golf History FAQ, the About Golf Guide explains what a.
What Are X-Out Golf Balls and Are They Allowed? - About.com
Some golf balls are sold with their brand names X'ed out. These are ... Read this FAQ. ... Return to the Golf Rules FAQ or Golf Beginners FAQ for more articles ...
How are USGA Course Rating and Slope Rating ... - Golf - About.com
From the Golf FAQ, the About Golf Guide looks at how the USGA determines course rating and slope rating.
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