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Golf Etiquette and Rules - About.com
Etiquette is a word that's often heard in relation to golf, moreso than with any other sport. But it's not just about manners. The guidelines for good golf etiquette  ...
Learn What Makes for Good Golf Etiquette - About.com
Golf etiquette is about more than just manners. It's also about course safety and course care, and good golf etiquette can ensure that the round of golf is ...
Golf Beginners: What is Golf Etiquette? - About.com
The guidelines of golf etiquette are designed to keep golf enjoyable for everyone on the course by making sure that golfers keep moving (preventing the rounds ...
Your First Round of Golf: 10 Basics of Rules/ Etiquette - About.com
In addition to the 10 basics below, if you're a beginner you might also find helpful our Golf Etiquette Primer, Golf Beginners FAQ and Golf Rules at a Glance ...
Bad Golf Etiquette: Readers Tell the Tales - About.com
What does bad golf etiquette look like? Readers share stories of golf etiquette nightmares observed on the course.
Statement on Etiquette from The Rules of Golf - About.com
These are the etiquette guidelines that are included in The Rules of Golf by the USGA and the R&A.
Tips for Fighting Slow Play at the Golf Course - About.com
Or it's the result of the golfer never having been taught proper golf etiquette . This means a slow golfer can usually be "cured" of his malady. Of course, that golfer ...
Do Singles Have the Right to Play Through? - Golf - About.com
Here is what now appears in the Etiquette guidelines of the Official Rules of Golf: In the "Pace of Play" section: "It is a group's responsibility to keep up with the ...
Golf Cart Rules and Etiquette - About.com
A collection of simple golf cart rules for the course, including some tips on good golf cart etiquette.
Top Books about Golf Rules and Etiquette - About.com
Looking for good books about the Rules of Golf and golf etiquette? Here's a list of recommendations.
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