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Full Golf Swing Exercise Drill with Tubing - About.com
Every golfer wants to have a full golf swing. Numerous quick and effective exercise drills can help you get one, by improving both your golf-specific strength and ...
Short Game Practice: 11-Ball Drill for Golfers - About.com
The 11 Ball Drill is a practice routine for golfers that helps identify strengths and weaknesses in your short game.
Balance and Rhythm Drills in the Golf Swing - About.com
Check out these drills that can help you develop good balance and rhythm in your golf swing.
Hitman Drill for Right Hip Turn in the Golf Swing - About.com
Here is a drill called The Hitman Drill, after trick shot artist Chuck Hiter, for golfers looking to feel the right hip action in the golf swing.
Workouts and Exercises to Improve Golf Swing - About.com
Golfers can benefit from workouts, and benefit the most from golf exercises - those that are geared specifically to muscles used in the golf swing.
Drills to Improve Clubhead Lag in Golf
Here are some practice drills designed to help golfers improve clubhead lag on golf shots.
Golf Drill: Keeping Head Still from Address to Impact - Submit an ...
The Shadow Drill can help golfers learn to keep a still head from address up to impact, creating a centered, stable swing base.
Best Full Swing, Drills or General Topic Golf Instructional Books
What are the best golf instructional books that cover the full swing, the full game, practice drills or just good, basic general instruction? Here is a list of ...
Swing Plane Drill Using a Quarter to Improve Golf Swing - About.com
Learn how you can use a quarter to determine if your golf swing is properly balanced, and to improve your swing plane.
Lag Putting Drill for Distance Control on the Golf Greens - About.com
Here is a lag putting drill that allows you to practice this golf skill without becoming too focused on the hole, but on performance.
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