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Golf Equipment Reviews and News
Find the latest golf equipment reviews and golf equipment news from the About. com Golf Guide.
Cleaning Golf Clubs Tutorial - Gather Materials - About.com
Cleaning your golf clubs is an important chore that needs to be performed every so often to help keep your clubs in good shape.
Golf Course Information - About.com
Find golf courses information, ranging from architecture to reviews, including photos and details of course policies, plus much more.
Before You Buy Used Golf Clubs - Things to Look For - About.com
Are you interested in purchasing used golf clubs? Here are some tips for making sure you get the best deal - and the best clubs.
Golf Equipment Resources and Information
Here are golf equipment resources, including articles about new clubs and both beginner and advanced information about club specifications, from About.com ...
Which Golf Club Brand Is Best for Me? (Beginner's FAQ) - About.com
You're a beginning golfer who wants to buy a nice set of clubs from a major brand , but you're not sure how to choose between brands. Here are some ...
Golf Club Distances (How Far Should You Hit Your Clubs?)
This is one of the most-asked questions from newbies to golf: How far am I supposed to hit each club? What is the golf club distance for each of my clubs?
Women's Golf Clubs vs Men's Golf Clubs - About.com
Manufacturers sometimes specify a club as being for a particular gender. But are there any differences, other than cosmetics, in men's and women's golf clubs?
Types of Golf Clubs and Their Uses: Beginner's Guide - About.com
There are several different types of golf clubs in a typical golfer's bag. There are woods, irons, wedges and a putter, and sometimes utility clubs or hybrids.
Meet the Woods - Understanding Golf Clubs - About.com
Beginning golfers sometimes aren't sure which golf clubs do what, or why. Here, the About.com Golf Guides tries to help beginners understand woods - drivers ...
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