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Golf Carts: All About Using Them on the Course
Looking for information about golf carts? Find guidelines for safety and etiquette, lists of manufacturers, photos of customized carts and more here.
Custom Golf Carts - About.com
Custom golf carts are becoming more popular all the time with golfers. View photos of customized carts, and read tips and suggestions from golfers who own  ...
Golf Cart Safety - About.com
These guidelines for golf cart safety can help golfers stay safe on the course.
How to Use a Golf Cart Video
Proper use of a golf cart is important for getting around on a golf course. This video has instructions for operating a golf cart.
Golf Cart Rules and Etiquette
A collection of simple golf cart rules for the course, including some tips on good golf cart etiquette.
Where Can I Drive a Golf Cart on the Golf Course? - About.com
Riding in golf carts is one way to get around the course. But where are you allowed to take the cart? What parts of a course should keep away from when in a ...
Royal Ride Custom Golf Cart - Share Your Story ... - About.com
Check out this customized golf cart designed to look like a Rolls Royce, complete with its own.
Cart Path Only - Definition of the Golf Term Cart Part Only - About.com
Cart Path Only is a term heard at golf courses, and that influences how golfers move around the course. What does the term mean? Here's a definition.
Requesting Airport Assistance, Wheelchairs, From an Airline
How Do I Arrange a Wheelchair / Golf Cart with an Airline? ... a message on file for the airport) requesting the golf cart or a wheelchair if the cart isn't available.
Restoring a Classic Golf Cart - Share Your Story: Custom Golf Carts
This 1958 Turf Rider IV golf cart was one man's restoration project.
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