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Repair Divots - Golf - About.com
Repairing divots is as basic a part of golf as creating divots. Be kind to the course - and fellow golfers - with these tips from the Golf Course Superintendents ...
Fixing Divots: Know the Appropriate Method - Golf - About.com
Now that you've taken a divot, what's your correct course of action? There are two ways of repairing, or "fixing," divots. One is to fill the divot with sand or a ...
Fixing Divots: Sand or Seed Mix - Golf - About.com
Take the container of sand and simply pour the sand, or sand/seed mix, into the divot. Pour enough to fill the divot. Photo Credit: About.com Golf. 4 of 7.
Divot - Definition of the Golf Term Divot - About.com
divots - About.com Golf. A divot is the scar left behind when turf is "dug up" by a golf club. About.com Golf. Definition: Most shots from the fairway with an iron will  ...
How to Repair Divots on the Golf Course - About.com
Repairing your divots on the golf course is an important step in keeping the golf course healthy. Here's the right way to repair divots.
Fixing Divots: When to Replace the Turf - Golf - About.com
How do you know whether to replace the turf in a divot? If sand or seed is not provided, retrieve your divot and replace it.
Fixing Divots: What they Look Like - Golf - About.com
Yep, that's a divot all right. The golfer's iron has sliced off the top layer of turfgrass , exposing the sod underneath. (This happens because irons are designed to ...
Fixing Divots: Smooth It Over, Level It Out - Golf - About.com
Smooth over the sand and tamp it down to repair the divot.
Fixing Divots: Tamp It Down - Golf - About.com
Repairing divots is not always a necessity; with certain types of turfgrasses, at certain times of the year, repairing the divot won't make any difference, good or ...
How to Repair Ball Marks on the Golf Green - About.com
Our Expert Recommends. How to Repair Divots · How to Rake Sand Bunkers · Golf Course Maintenance · Golf Course Photo Galleries · Golf Course Terms · Golf ...
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