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Divot - Definition of the Golf Term Divot - About.com
Definition: Most shots from the fairway with an iron will scrape off the top of the turf where the ball was resting. "Divot" refers to both the turf that is scraped up, and ...
Fixing Divots: Sand or Seed Mix - Golf - About.com
Take the container of sand and simply pour the sand, or sand/seed mix, into the divot. Pour enough to fill the divot. Photo Credit: About.com Golf. 4 of 7.
Fixing Divots: Know the Appropriate Method - Golf - About.com
Now that you've taken a divot, what's your correct course of action? There are two ways of repairing, or "fixing," divots. One is to fill the divot with sand or a ...
How to Repair Divots on the Golf Course - About.com
Repairing your divots on the golf course is an important step in keeping the golf course healthy. Here's the right way to repair divots.
Repair Divots - Golf - About.com
Repairing divots is as basic a part of golf as creating divots. Be kind to the course - and fellow golfers - with these tips from the Golf Course Superintendents ...
Fixing Divots: When to Replace the Turf - Golf - About.com
How do you know whether to replace the turf in a divot? If sand or seed is not provided, retrieve your divot and replace it.
Fixing Divots: What they Look Like - Golf - About.com
Yep, that's a divot all right. The golfer's iron has sliced off the top layer of turfgrass , exposing the sod underneath. (This happens because irons are designed to ...
Fixing Divots: Smooth It Over, Level It Out - Golf - About.com
Smooth over the sand and tamp it down to repair the divot.
Golf Rules: Moving Divot Holes in Fairway
Your drive down the fairway comes to rest in a divot hole. Darn the luck! Do you get to move the ball without penalty? This Golf Rules FAQ answers that question.
Fixing Divots: Tamp It Down - Golf - About.com
Repairing divots is not always a necessity; with certain types of turfgrasses, at certain times of the year, repairing the divot won't make any difference, good or ...
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