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Bunker - Definition in Golf - About.com
A "bunker" is a golf course hazard that is a hole or depression in the ground filled in with sand (or a similar material). Bunkers vary greatly in size and shape and ...
Where Should You Leave the Rake After a Bunker? - Golf - About.com
Answer: When you're finished raking a bunker, what do you do with the rake? Do you place it inside or outside the bunker? Are there rules or guidelines that ...
How to Rake Sand Bunkers on a Golf Course - About.com
Yes, there is a proper way to rake a sand bunker on the golf course. Learn how in this step-by-step guide.
Pot Bunker - Definition of Pot Bunker in Golf - About.com
A "pot bunker," a k a "pothole bunker," is a small, round but very deep bunker with steep faces. Pot bunkers are most commonly found on links golf courses.
Waste Bunker - Definition of Waste Bunker - Golf - About.com
A definition of the golf term "waste bunker" from the About.com Golf Glossary.
Definition of Grass Bunker in Golf - About.com
Do you know what a grass bunker is in golf? This definition will help.
Enter Sand Bunkers at the Proper Point and with the Rake
Enter the bunker at the proper entry/exit point and carry the rake with you.
Bunkers (Meet the Golf Course) - About.com
A closer look at bunkers for beginning golfers from the Meet the Golf Course feature on About.com.
What Is a Cross Bunker on a Golf Course? - About.com
Do you know what a cross bunker is in golf? It's a specific type of bunker a golfer may encounter playing a hole.
Raking Bunkers: Smooth Sand as You Back Out of Bunker
Smooth over the sand to remove traces of play and footprints as you back out of a golf course bunker.
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