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British Open Golf Tournament
The Open Championship, a k a the British Open golf tournament, is the oldest championship in golf. Learn more about its history and records.
When and Where Was the First British Open Played?
The Open Championship golf tournament has been around a long time. How long? Find out when and where the British Open was first played.
Complete List of British Open Winners - Golf - About.com
Look at the list of winners through the years, going back to 1860, of the British Open Golf Championship. Click on any year to view the scores for that tournament ...
1953 British Open Golf Tournament - Results and Scores - About.com
Read a recap of the 1953 British Open golf tournament and view the list of final scores.
How to Enter a British Open Qualifier Tournament - Golf - About.com
So, you want to try to play your way into the British Open golf tournament. Can you enter a qualifier? If so, how? This FAQ answers those questions.
Playoffs at the British Open Golf Tournament
Below is a list of all the playoffs in British Open history. The winner is listed first, followed by other participants. In early years of the tournament, playoffs were 36 ...
Women's British Open Golf Tournament
Learn more about the Women's British Open golf tournament, including coming dates, past champions, tournament trivia and more.
1966 British Open Golf Tournament - Results and Scores - About.com
Read a recap of the 1966 British Open golf tournament and view the list of final scores.
British Open Quizzes - Test Your Golf Trivia Knowledge - About.com
Think you know a lot of trivia about the British Open golf tournament? These Open Championship quizzes will put your knowledge to the test.
Golf Courses Where the British Open Has Been Played - About.com
Below is the yearly list of golf courses that have been the site of the British Open golf tournament, dating back to that major's first playing in 1860. Announced ...
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