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Gary Gilchrist's Quick Tips FAQ

Quick Tips for Common Golf Problems


Gary Gilchrist

Instructor Gary Gilchrist works with one of his students.

Welcome to Gary Gilchrist's Quick Tips. This section on About.com Golf provides pointers about some of the most common issues for recreational golfers. Noted instructor Gary Gilchrist was Michelle Wie's original stateside instructor; then was director of the International Junior Golf Academy in Hilton Head Island, S.C.

Gary's Quick Tips are listed below. When you click on one, you'll be able to go directly to a preceding or following tip by looking for the "Previous Tip" and "Next Tip" links at the bottom of each of Gary's pointers.

Gary Gilchrist's Quick Tips FAQ
1. How can I learn to stop lifting my head while putting?
2. How can I stop taking too much sand on greenside bunker shots?
3. How can I avoid hitting my pitch shots fat or thin?
4. How can I overcome first-tee nerves?
5. How can I stay balanced through the finish of the swing?
6. How can I keep my game from collpasing on the back nine?
7. How can I stop hitting the ball thin on lob shots?
8. How can I turn my slice into a controlled draw?
9. How can I add distance to my drives?
10. What is the best way to warm up before a round?
11. When should I hit my 3-wood, instead of driver, off the tee?
12. How can I get a higher trajectory on my shots?
13. How can I get a lower trajectory on my shots?
14. My approach shots keep coming up short - how can I improve my club selection?
15. How can I get better results from my practice?
16. How can I maintain my concentration throughout the round?
17. How can I improve my clubhead speed?

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