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1975: The Year in Golf


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Lee Elder becomes the first black player to compete in the Masters.

Jack Nicklaus wins his fifth Masters and fourth PGA Championship.

Tom Watson's British Open title is his first major and the first of his five British Open wins.

Billy Casper wins the First NBC New Orleans Open. It's his 51st - and final - PGA Tour victory.

Bob Hamilton, age 59, becomes the youngest golfer to shoot his age by firing a 59 Hamilton Golf Club in Evansville, Ind. (Thirty-one years earlier, Hamilton won the 1944 PGA Championship.)

Cobra Golf introduces the Baffler, a 23-degree 7-wood that today is considered the progenitor of the modern "utility club" category.

Two years after his final victory on the PGA Tour, Arnold Palmer heads to Europe and wins the Spanish Open and Penfold PGA Championship.

Nineteen-year-old Amy Alcott records her first LPGA Tour victory at the Orange Blossom Classic.

An LPGA event in Houston has to be canceled when funds for the purse cannot be raised.

Born This Year:

• Tiger Woods, career Grand Slam winner
• Tim Clark, European Tour, PGA Tour

Died This Year:

Bobby Cruickshank, 17-time winner on PGA Tour

Money Leaders:

PGA: Jack Nicklaus, $298,149.17
LPGA: Sandra Palmer, $76,374
European: Dale Hayes, South Africa, £ 20,507

Scoring Leaders:

PGA (Vardon Trophy): Bruce Crampton, 70.51
LPGA (Vare Trophy): JoAnne Carner, 72.40

Men's Major Championship Winners:

The Masters: Jack Nicklaus
U.S. Open: Lou Graham
British Open: Tom Watson
PGA Championship: Jack Nicklaus

Women's Major Championship Winners:

Amateur Champions:

U.S.: Fred Ridley
British: Marvin Giles
U.S. Women's: Beth Daniel
British Women's: Nancy Roth Syms

Ryder Cup
U.S. 21, Great Britain and Ireland 11

Walker Cup
U.S. 15.5, Great Britain and Ireland 8.5

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