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1962: The Year in Golf


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Jack Nicklaus makes his professional debut at the Los Angeles Open. He places 50th, earning $33.33.

PGA Tour rookie Jack Nicklaus defeats Arnold Palmer in an 18-hole playoff, 71-74, to win the U.S. Open.

Arnold Palmer wins seven PGA Tour events, plus The Masters and the British Open.

Playing in the PGA Cajun Open, John Barnum is the first golfer to win a Tour event while using a Ping putter.

For the second year in a row, Mickey Wright wins 10 LPGA Tour events.

Homero Blancas - who would go on to win on the PGA Tour and Senior Tour - shoots a round of 55 in an amateur tournament in Longview, Texas. It's the lowest competitive round ever shot.

Chick Evans, at age 72, plays in the U.S. Amateur Championship for the 50th and final time, the tournament record for most appearances. Evans played in every U.S. Amateur held from 1907 until this year (multiple years were skipped during World Wars I and II).

Born This Year:

• Steve Elkington, 1995 PGA Championship winner
• Allison Nicholas, Women's European Tour, LPGA Tour
• Philip Walton, PGA European Tour
• Kirk Triplett, PGA Tour
• Amy Benz, LPGA Tour
• Andrew Magee, PGA Tour
• Brandel Chamblee, PGA Tour
• Terry-Jo Myers, LPGA Tour
• Duffy Waldorf, PGA Tour
• Gene Sauers, PGA Tour
• Rocco Mediate, PGA Tour
• Sherri Steinhauer, LPGA Tour

Money Leaders:

PGA: Arnold Palmer, $81,448.33
LPGA: Mickey Wright, $21,641

Scoring Leaders:

PGA (Vardon Trophy): Arnold Palmer, 70.27
LPGA (Vare Trophy): Mickey Wright, 73.67

Men's Major Championship Winners:

The Masters: Arnold Palmer
U.S. Open: Jack Nicklaus
British Open: Arnold Palmer
PGA Championship: Gary Player

Women's Major Championship Winners:

LPGA: Judy Kimball
U.S. Open: Murle Lindstrom
Titleholders: Mickey Wright
Western Open: Mickey Wright

Amateur Champions:

U.S.: Labron Harris Jr.
British: Richard Davies
U.S. Women's: JoAnne Gunderson (Carner)
British Women's: Marley Spearman

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