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1934: The Year in Golf


Masters 1934

The Masters is played for the first time in 1934, albeit under a different name.

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The first Masters is played, won by Horton Smith. The tournament is called the "Augusta National Invitation Tournament" until 1939.

Macdonald Smith wins the Los Angeles Open for the fourth time.

Helen Hicks, 1931 U.S. Women's Amateur champ who turned pro in 1932, signs an endorsement deal with Wilson Golf. She tours the USA giving golf clinics, the first female golfer to do so.

Bobby Jones sets a non-competitive course record at Augusta National with a 65.

Born This Year:

• Lee Elder, PGA Tour, Senior PGA Tour
Marlene (Bauer) Hagge, LPGA co-founder and 25-time winner
• Tony Lema, 1964 British Open champ
• Bruce Crampton, 14-time PGA Tour winner

Money Leaders:

PGA: Paul Runyan, $6,767

Men's Major Championship Winners:

The Masters: Horton Smith
U.S. Open: Olin Dutra
British Open: Henry Cotton
PGA Championship: Paul Runyan

Amateur Champions:

U.S.: Lawson Little
British: Lawson Little
U.S. Women's: Virginia Van Wie
British Women's: Helen Holm

Walker Cup:

U.S. 9, Great Britain and Ireland 2

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