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1930: The Year in Golf


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Bobby Jones wins what is proclaimed the Grand Slam, which at this time consists of the U.S. and British Opens and the U.S. and British Amateurs. He then retires from competitive golf at age 28.

Ben Hogan turns professional at the age of 17 to play in the Texas Open.

Gene Sarazen wins the Miami Open for the fourth straight time, tying Walter Hagen's record for most consecutive wins in a single event. Tiger Woods would later tie the record, too.

The largest purse to date, $25,000 total and a $10,000 winner's share, is offered by the Agua Caliente Open in Tijuana, Mexico. Gene Sarazen wins.

Spalding produces one of the first sets of matched clubs. They feature hickory shafts.

The Spalding Kro-Flite is the first liquid-center golf ball. Its liquid center is covered with wound rubber and a balata surface.

Born This Year:

Gene Littler, 1961 U.S. Open winner, 29 PGA Tour victories
• Dan Sikes Jr., PGA Tour

Died This Year:

Alex Smith, 1906 and 1910 U.S. Open winner

Men's Major Championship Winners:

U.S. Open: Bobby Jones
British Open: Bobby Jones
PGA Championship: Tommy Armour

Amateur Champions:

U.S.: Bobby Jones
British: Bobby Jones
U.S. Women's: Glenna Collett
British Women's: Diana Fishwick

Walker Cup:

U.S. 10, Great Britain and Ireland 2
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