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1922: The Year in Golf


Glenna Collett Vare

Glenna Collett Vare wins the first of her record six U.S. Women's Amateur titles in 1922.

Photo courtesy of the World Golf Hall of Fame; used with permission
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Gene Sarazen, at age 20, wins both the U.S. Open and PGA Championship. He is the first golfer to win both titles in the same year.

Walter Hagen becomes the first American to win the British Open.

The R&A Championship Committee decides that the British Open will henceforth be played only on links courses.

For the first time, spectator tickets are sold for the U.S. Open. Tickets cost $1.

Wilson Sportings Goods signs Gene Sarazen as the first member of the Wilson Advisory Staff. Sarazen will be under contract with Wilson for the next 75 years - believed to be the longest-running contract in sports history.

Walter Hagen becomes the first pro golfer to start a golf equipment company under his name.

Hagen popularizes the use of the modern golf tee by using the Reddy Tee - the first mass-marketed wooden peg golf tee - during an exhibition tour. The Reddy Tee is so-called because all are painted red.

The first Walker Cup matches, pitting amateur teams representing the U.S. and Great Britain, are held.

The Texas Open is played for the first time and Bob MacDonald wins. The first prize is $1,500, one of the richest prizes yet offered.

Born This Year:

• Doug Ford, 1955 PGA and 1957 Masters winner
• Charlie Sifford, PGA Tour, World Golf Hall of Fame
• Al Besselink, PGA Tour

Men's Major Championship Winners:

U.S. Open: Gene Sarazen
British Open: Walter Hagen
PGA Championship: Gene Sarazen

Amateur Champions:

U.S.: Jess Sweetser
British: Ernest Holderness
U.S. Women's: Glenna Collett
British Women's: Joyce Wethered

Walker Cup:

U.S. 8, Great Britain and Ireland 4
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