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1900: The Year in Golf


JH Taylor

J.H. Taylor (pictured in 1927) recorded one of his five British Open victories in 1900.

Kirby / Topical Press Agency / Getty Images
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J.H. Taylor, Harry Vardon, and James Braid - who will end their careers with a combined 16 British Open championships - finish 1-2-3 in the British Open. The three will come to be known as the "Great Triumvirate."

For the first time, golf is included in the Olympics. The Summer Games in Paris include 22 golfers competing for individual medals in men's and women's tournaments. (See results)

Approximate date of the popularization of persimmon for clubheads. Aluminum was another alternative being used.

John B. Coles Tappan, captain of Nassau Country Club in New York, invents the Nassau bet.

The great Harry Vardon, traveling the U.S. on an exhibition tour, wins the U.S. Open. He does so using the "Vardon Flyer" golf ball. Vardon's tour is credited with spurring innterest in golf in America.

The Goodrich Rubber Company patents a machine for winding the rubber threads around the core of a Haskell ball. Mass production of Haskell balls begins, and gutta percha balls ("gutties") fade out.

A golfer named Lancelot Servos wins a long drive competition at a pro event in Tampa, Fla., with a blast of 230 yards.

Men's Major Championship Winners:

U.S. Open: Harry Vardon
British Open: J.H. Taylor

Amateur Champions:

U.S.: Walter Travis
British: Harold Hilton
U.S. Women's: Frances Griscom
British Women's: Rhona Adair

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