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1800-1850 in Golf History


Old Tom Morris

Old Tom Morris was born in 1820.

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First known women's tournament held at Musselburgh, Scotland.

Born this year: Allan Robertson (considered golf's first professional).

Earliest known reference to a professional tournament. It's an event played, of course, at St. Andrews.

• Born this year: Old Tom Morris

Hickory imported from the U.S. begins to become the wood of choice for golf shafts. Ash or hazel had been most commonly used prior to the introduction of hickory.

A notice in the Montreal Herald seeks Scotsmen interested in golf. It is the earliest known record of golf in Canada.

The first-known hole-cutter - the tool for cutting holes into the green - is built at the Musselburgh links (now a 9-hole municipal on the Levenhall links at the Edinburgh outskirts). It cuts holes to a diameter of 4.25 inches, which will eventually be adopted as the worldwide standard.

Royal Calcutta Golf Club is founded in India. It is today the oldest surviving course outside of the British Isles.

Mowers made specifically for trimming golf course grass are manufactured, but many courses still use sheep to keep the grass from getting high.

King William IV confers the distinction of "Royal" on the Perth Golfing Society; as Royal Perth it is the first Club to hold the distinction.

St. Andrews, by decree of King William IV, becomes known as the "Royal & Ancient" Golf Club of St. Andrews.

The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers abandons the deteriorating Leith Links, moving to Musselburgh.

The longest drive ever recorded with a featherie ball, 361 yards, is achieved by Samuel Messieux at Elysian Fields. But there's a catch: the drive was downwind and on frozen turf.

The gutta percha, or "guttie," golf ball is introduced by Rev. Roger Paterson. It is made from the sap of a rubber tree known as the gutta percha tree. It flies farther than the featherie and is less expensive.

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