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Up and Down


Definition: The golf term "up and down" refers to the act of taking just two strokes to get the ball into the hole when your ball is resting off the green or in a greenside bunker. If you accomplish that, then you've achieved an "up and down."

Imagine you've struck your tee shot and also hit the approach to the green, but your approach shot comes up just short of the putting surface. If you make an up-and-down, however, you can still make par. What you need to do is get the ball up onto the green with one stroke, and then down into the cup with another. Up and down.

Technically, you can use "up and down" to describe any two strokes that result in the ball going into the hole. But typically, "up and down" is almost exclusively applied to shots from just off the green and from greenside bunkers, situations where using only two strokes to hole out is the most likely positive outcome.

Also Known As: Make an up-and-down, get up and down
Alternate Spellings: Up-and-down
The Golf Guide got the ball up and down.

He sank the putt to get his up-and-down.

Tiger Woods needs to make an up-and-down to save par.

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