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Texas Scramble

Definition of the golf tournament format


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A Texas Scramble is a golf competition format that is a basic scramble with a slight twist.

Scrambles involve 4-person teams, with each member of the team playing his or her own ball. But each succeeding shot is played from the spot of the single best preceding shot. For example, after all four team members hit their drives, the best of the four drives is selected. The other three players pick up their balls and move them to the spot of the best drive. The second shots are all played from that location. This process continues until the ball is holed.

The variation in a Texas Scramble is that at least four drives of each member of the team must be used during the course of the round: At least four drives hit by Player A, four by Player B, and so on.

In a regular scramble, a great driver might have his tee ball used on every hole. A Texas Scramble eliminates that possibility and allows even the weakest driver on the team to get into the action. Of course, it also puts the onus on each team member to come up with at least four decent drives for the team to use.

See the scramble definition for more variations.

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