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Definition: "TPC" is an acronym that stands for "Tournament Players Club."

Golf courses with a TPC designation are owned by the PGA Tour. Some of the TPC courses are private, some are resort courses and a smaller number are daily fee courses.

The first TPC course was TPC Sawgrass, which opened in 1980. TPC courses are now located all around the United States, with more under development or in the planning stages. A list of TPC courses and a history of the TPC project can be found at www.tpc.com.

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Also Known As: "Tournament Players Course" is not technically accurate as what the TPC acronym stands for, but it's OK to refer to a TPC course that way.
"The PGA Tour is opening a new TPC course here next year."

"TPC Sawgrass is the host course of The Players Championship."

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