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Definition: The "Stimp" of the putting green is a measurement of how fast the greens are, as determined by use of a Stimpmeter. A Stimp of 9 means that the green measured at 9 when using the Stimpmeter. The higher the Stimp, the faster the greens. Stimp readings of 10 and higher are considered fast. Twelve would be extremely fast - as fast as most professional tournaments see.

(When golfer talk about "how fast the greens are" or "the speed of the greens," they are referring to how easily the golf ball rolls on the green. So another way of putting it is this: the Stimp or Stimp rating of a green tells how easily a golf ball will roll across a given green. See the definition of Stimpmeter for details on how the measurements are made.)

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Also Known As: Stimp reading, Stimp rating, Stimp measurement
The Stimp rating of the greens at Augusta is 13 or higher. The greens at my local golf course Stimp at around 10.
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