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Round Robin


Definition: Round Robin, sometimes called Hollywood or Sixes, is a game for groups of four golfers.

In Round Robin, three 6-hole matches are played, 2-vs.-2. The catch is that the players change partners after each 6-hole match so that each player in the group partners every other player in the group.

Let's label our four golfers A, B, C and D. Here's how Round Robin works:

• On Holes 1-6, A and B partner against C and D;
• For holes 7-13, A and C partner against B and D;
• On holes 13-18, A and D partner against B and C.

Each 6-hole match represents a separate wager, and your goal is to be on the winning side in at least two of those three matches.

Round Robin can be played with any scoring format that works for 2-on-2 play. Use the same scoring method throughout, or select three different formats and rotate them with each partner change. Round Robin is best played by partners of similar skill levels, or by golfers using full handicaps.

A similar game to Round Robin is 3 In 1, in which the partners stay the same throughout but the format changes every six holes.

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Also Known As: Sixes, Hollywood
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