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Pot Bunker


Pot Bunker - St. Andrews

These golfers find themselves in a pot bunker on The Old Course at St. Andrews.

Andrew Redington / Getty Images)
Definition: A "pot bunker," a k a "pothole bunker," is a small, round but very deep bunker with steep faces. Pot bunkers are most commonly found on links golf courses.

British Open courses are famous for their pot bunkers, which can be placed as greenside guardians or as fairway menaces. Pot bunkers are sometimes made even more dangerous by fairways or greensides that slope down toward the bunker, and also by the fact that it is not uncommon for pot bunkers to be blind from the teeing ground.

How do you deal with a pot bunker once your ball has rolled into one? Take your medicine. If the forward facing of the bunker is so steep that you don't think you can get the ball up over it, don't try. Instead, check the options of playing out left or right, or even behind (back down the fairway away from the green). Even the best golfers in the world sometimes have to play out sideways or backwards (away from the green) from pot bunkers. They are the most punitive types of bunkers in golf.

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Also Known As: Pothole bunkers
"You can't see them from the tee, but there are a series of pot bunkers left of the fairway about 240 yards out."
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