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Offset in an iron

Offset in an iron, as seen from the address position. See how the leading edge of the iron face is set back relative to the shaft? That's offset.

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Definition: "Offset" is design feature in golf clubs that originated in game-improvement clubs and is now found in many irons and some woods and hybrids. When the leading edge of a clubface is set back from the hosel or neck - creating the image at address as seen in the photo to the right - the club is said to have "offset." Another way of saying it is that the shaft appears to be in front of the clubface (because it is).

Offset originated in putters to help golfers get their hands ahead of the ball at impact. Offset irons and woods can be helpful to golfers who slice because they provide just a split-second more time to get the clubface square before impact.

The amount of offset varies depending on the target audience for the clubs in question, from none in clubs intended for better players, to 3/8-inch or even a quarter inch in super-game improvement clubs targeted at high handicappers who slice.

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Charlie buys clubs with a lot of offset to help with his slicing problem.
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