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Maltby Playability Factor


Definition: The Maltby Playability Factor (or MPF) is a rating system developed by golf club designer Ralph Maltby that attempts to rank golf clubs on the basis of how easy or difficult they are to play for golfers of different skill levels. We all know, for example, that a cavity back iron with significant perimeter weighting is easier to use than a muscleback blade. The Maltby Playability Factor charts golf clubs along that curve, from easiest to master to most difficult to master.

The Maltby Playability Factor fits clubs into six different categories, ranging from most-forgiving to least-forgiving: Ultra Game Improvement, Super Game Improvement, Game Improvement, Conventional, Classic and Player Classic.

Better players will excel with a club from any category; but most golfers will have a better chance of success with clubs from the game-improvement end of the scale.

The latest MPF ratings can be downloaded on Mr. Malty's Web site at www.ralphmaltby.com.

Also, the "Frankly Golf" Web site of equipment guru Frank Thomas maintains a shorter and not as up-to-date list of clubs categorized by the Maltby Playability Factor ratings. That list, and further explanation of the MPF, is available here.

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