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David Cannon/Staff/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images
Definition: Kickpoint refers to that region of a golf shaft at which the shaft exhibits the greatest amount of bend when the tip is pulled down. So kickpoint isn't a singular point on a shaft, but rather an area along the shaft's length. (That's one reason that the many shaft designers and custom clubmakers prefer the term "bend profile" to "kickpoint" - see the FAQ, "What is kickpoint?" for more on that idea.)

Traditionally, kickpoint was cited by shaft manufacturers to give consumers an idea of how the shaft might affect the trajectory of golf shots. A kickpoint low on the shaft would help produce a higher trajectory; a kickpoint high on the shaft would help produce a lower trajectory. The extent of that effect has been the subject of some debate, and today a general consensus is beginning to emerge that kickpoint has only a very modest effect on trajectory. But a golfer who wants to lower the trajectory of his shots is still likely to prefer a high-kickpoint shaft; and vice-versa.

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Also Known As: Flex point, bend point
"Is the kickpoint of this shaft low, high or middle?"

"If you're hitting the ball too high, a low-kickpoint shaft might have some benefit."

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