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How the golf format is played


Definition: Greensomes is a golf tournament format, or a competition format that groups of four golfers can play, using 2-person teams.

Greensomes (also known as Scotch Foursomes) is a variation of foursomes (2-person teams, each team playing one ball). In Greensomes, both players on a team tee off, the best of the two tee balls is selected and that ball is then played alternate shot until holed.

In regular foursomes, the 2-person team plays alternate shot for the full hole, i.e., only one tee ball is hit.

So: Player A and Player B are a Greensomes team. They both hit drives from the teeing ground. They compare the results and decide that Player A's drive is best. So Player B picks up his ball, and plays the team's second shot using Player A's drive. Player A then plays the third shot, and so on, the players alternating until the ball is in the hole. (The player whose drive is not used hits the second shot.)

That means Greensomes is essentially a 2-person scramble off the tee, then alternate shot into the hole.

Also Known As: Scotch Foursomes, Canadian Foursomes, Modified Pinehurst

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