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Green Fee


Green Fee
U.S. Army photo by Capt. John Farmer, 41st Fires Brigade Public Affairs/flickr/CC BY 2.0
Definition: The "green fee" is what a golf course charges golfers to play. How much do you have to pay to get on the course? That's the green fee.

An individual course's green fees typically vary depending on time of week, time of day and status of the golfer. Weekend rounds usually cost more than weekday rounds; rounds played late in the day - when there is a question about whether a full 18 can be finished - are often discounted. Juniors and seniors often receive discounts. And anyone with a club membership will pay less than a guest.

Also, many courses offer 9-hole and 18-hole green fees, the 9-hole fees obviously being lower. Some courses are even starting offer 12-hole rates.

There is no standard green fee for golf courses. It is up to each course to determine what price to charge, and those prices range from very low ($10 or $15 green fees can still be found in a few places) to very high (hundreds of dollars at the most-famous and most-luxurious resort courses).

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Also Known As: Greens fee, but the USGA says "green fee" (singular "green") is correct.
"Green fees at Anytown Golf Club are $45 Monday through Thursday and $65 Friday through Sunday."
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