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Definition: A forecaddie, to simplify, is a caddie who doesn't carry your clubs. Caddies are (in most cases) assigned to an individual player. A forecaddie will accompany a group of players, working on behalf of all members of the group, but without carrying clubs for any of them.

The forecaddie's job is to keep the group moving by keeping track of all balls in play and letting each player in the group know where his or her ball is located.

For example, one player in the group hits his ball into high rough. The forecaddie hurries ahead to search for the ball, and point it out to the player so that play continues without delay.

If the forecaddie ever becomes involved more directly in the action (say, is struck by a ball), he is considered under the rules an "outside agency."

Forecaddies are not very common in recreational golf. They are usually available only at some upscale resorts and luxury country clubs. Forecaddies are more likely to be encountered by golfers who play in tournaments.

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Common Misspellings: Forecaddy
"The fancy course we're playing on Saturday gives us the option of using caddies or a forecaddie. Since we'll be carrying our clubs in carts, let's pay for the forecaddie."
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