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Driving Range


Driving Range

Players line up on the driving range prior to the start of a tournament.

A. Messerschmidt / Getty Images
Definition: A "driving range" is a golf practice facility that is included at most golf courses; driving ranges also commonly operate as standalone businesses away from golf courses.

Typically a driving range will consist of a large, open field with a teeing ground at one end. Golfers line up side-by-side pounding golf balls out into the field. The landing area may be, literally, an empty field; or it may include target greens and yardage markers.

Most driving ranges sell buckets of balls of varying sizes and prices. Many driving ranges also have practice putting greens and may have areas for chipping, pitching and bunker practice.

If you show up to a golf course for a round of golf and that facility has a driving range, it's a good idea to arrive early and hit some balls on the range as a warm-up.

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Also Known As: Golf range, practice range
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