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Definition: "Dormie" is a match play term. In match play, a match is said to reach "dormie" when one of the golfers achieves a lead that matches the number of holes remaining (i.e., three holes up with three holes to play).

When a match reaches a state of dormie, there a couple ways the term can be applied: The match will "go dormie" or "has gone dormie"; the match has "reached dormie"; the player who leads has "taken the match dormie."

Dormie is a term that is most commonly heard during team match play competitions such as the Ryder Cup, Presidents Cup and Solheim Cup. In those competitions, players who finish 18 holes tied do not continue playing in order to break the tie. Instead, such matches are halved. In match play tournaments in which halves are used, the leading golfer is guaranteed at least a halve when the match reaches dormie, and the trailing golfer cannot win once the match goes dormie. In tournaments where playoffs are used to determine a match winner (such as the WGC Accenture Match Play Championship), dormie doesn't imply any such guarantees, but the term is still frequently used in those competitions by TV announcers and fans alike.

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Common Misspellings: Dormy, dormee
"The Golf Guide took his match dormie when he achieved a 6-hole lead with six holes to play."

"If Bob makes this putt, he'll go dormie against Bill with three holes left."

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