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Valhalla - Dogleg

An overhead shot of a dogleg hole at Valhalla Golf Club in Kentucky.

David Cannon / Getty Images
Definition: "Dogleg" is a term used to describe a type of golf hole, and specifically the design and direction of such holes.

A dogleg hole is one that bends, changing direction at some point along its length, called the "corner." Which is to say, a dogleg does not gradually turn along its full length, but distinctly changes direction at a specific point. The bend in a dogleg hole can be small (20 to 30 degrees), significant (45 degrees) or in some cases severe (rarely, up to 90 degrees).

The "corner of the dogleg" is the spot along such a hole's length where it bends and turns in a certain direction.

A "dogleg right" is a dogleg hole that turns to the right after the corner. A "dogleg left" is a dogleg hole that turns to the left after the corner. A "slight dogleg" is one where the change in direction is small.

The change of direction of a dogleg hole usually occurs near the point where a good drive is expected to land. A hole that bends twice - first one direction, then another - is a "double dogleg" (only par-5s are long enough to be true double doglegs).

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Common Misspellings: Dog leg
"This hole doglegs to the right about 260 yards from the tee."
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