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Definition: "Barkies" is the term for a side bet among a group of golfers relating to trees. Specifically, to hitting trees, but making a good score despite that.

When "barkies" are in play, a golfer wins the bet by making par on a hole on which he also hit a tree. Most groups playing barkies stipulate that leaves don't count - the ball must make contact with wood. A double barkie is worth twice the bet and involves making par despite hitting two trees on the same hole.

Of course, no golfer wants to hit a tree, so Barkies are not things that a golfer sets out to do. But playing Barkies can add a fun side game to a round of golf and is a good reward for a golfer who recovers for par after hitting a tree.

Similar betting games include Arnies, sandies and splashies.

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Also Known As: Woodies, Seve's
Alternate Spellings: Barkie or barky, singular.
"Let's play barkies today, $1 per barkie."

"Make this putt, Bob, and you'll win a barkie."

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