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Back Nine


Definition: "Back nine" is a term that refers to the last nine holes out of 18. It can be applied to golf courses and to rounds of golf, and the meaning of "back nine" might vary slightly depending on that usage:
  • Back nine of a golf course: A standard golf course has 18 holes, numbered 1 through 18. The first nine holes are referred to as the "front nine," and the last nine holes - holes 10 through 18 - are called the "back nine."

  • Back nine of a round: A regulation round of golf is 18 holes in length, and the golfer's back nine consists of the final nine holes he plays. But sometimes the back nine of a round and the back nine of a golf course are different. How? Not every round of golf begins at the No. 1 tee; some tournaments require that some golfers begin certain rounds on the No. 10 tee. If you play holes 10 through 18 first, then Holes 1-9 will be the last nine holes you play. And in that circumstance, holes 1-9 would constitute the "back nine" of that specific round of golf.
So it's easiest to think of the back nine as holes 10-18 of a golf course; or the last nine holes played in a round of golf.

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Also Known As: Inward nine, second nine
Alternate Spellings: Back 9
The back nine at Augusta National often produces thrilling finishes to The Masters.
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