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All Square


Definition: In match play competition, "all square" means that a match is tied.

Match play scoring works by keeping track of holes won, rather than by totaling up strokes played. If Golfer A has won two holes more than Golfer B, then A leads B 2-up and B is said to be 2-down to A. But if Golfers A and B have won the same number of holes, they are "all square," or tied. On leaderboards, all square is often abbreviated as "AS."

The specific way of stating "all square" might change depending on context. A match that is "squared up" is all square. Or a match that is "square" is all square.

See our Match Play Primer for more on the basics of match play.

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Also Known As: Squared up, square, squared, AS
"Sarah needs to win the sixth hole to square her match with Sally."

"Sarah won the sixth hole to make the match with Sally all square."

"Sarah squared the match when she won the sixth hole."

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