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How To Stay Safe From Lightning on the Golf Course


Because they are generally open areas with scattered individual trees, golf courses are dangerous places during a thunderstorm. They are made more dangerous during periods of lightning by the fact that golfers play our game with metal implements. Here are some tips from the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America for avoiding danger when lightning is in the area during your round of golf.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: Minutes or even seconds

Here's How:

  1. Seek shelter at the first sign of a thunderstorm. If the course's warning system sounds, head for cover.
  2. If possible, get off the golf course or go to a designated lightning shelter (note: open-sided buildings do not provide protection from lightning even if they have a lightning rod).
  3. Do not stand under a lone tree. This is where most people are injured or killed.
  4. Stay away from water.
  5. Stay away from your golf clubs.
  6. If your shoes have metal spikes, take them off.
  7. Move away from your golf cart.
  8. If stranded in the open, go to a low place such as a ravine or valley. (Note: If you feel a tingling sensation and the hair on your arms stands up, squat in a baseball catcher's position, balancing on the balls of your feet, feet together, arms in front of your knees. If in a group, members of the group should keep at least 15 feet apart.)
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