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MAC Powersphere Driver by Burrows Golf

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MAC Powersphere - Burrows Golf
Burrows Golf

The Bottom Line

The MAC Powersphere driver by Burrows Golf is an innovative club that puts vibrations to work for the golfer.


  • Less distance loss on heel, toe hits.
  • Less vibration travels up shaft - easier on hands.
  • Quick-Fit system offers more than 500 specs.


  • Hit the ground, pay for it: cone catches turf.


  • An inverted cone in the sole makes it appear as though there's a hole in the sole.
  • The inverted cone is made of paper-thin titanium, and the clubhead is a titanium clubhead.
  • Clubheads come inf 421cc and 350cc sizes.
  • The 350cc size offers your choice of a square face or draw face (2 degrees closed)
  • Various loft options are available, depending on clubhead size, ranging from 6.5 to 10.9 degrees.
  • Stock shafts are Grafalloy HotFlex or Graphite Design HotFlex, but special orders are possible.
  • Standard lengths are 45.75 for the 421cc and 45.5 for the 350cc.
  • Standard lie is 58 degrees.
  • Stock grips are Tour Velvet; custom order grips are also available.
  • Quick-Fit and Quick-Grip fitting system allows more than 500 variations.

Guide Review - MAC Powersphere Driver by Burrows Golf

What jumps out about the MAC Powersphere is the "powersphere" itself - an inverted cone (meaning it goes up into the clubhead) on the sole of the club. "MAC" stands for "magnitude amplification cavity." When the clubface strikes the ball, creating vibrations, the cone reflects vibrations back into the clubface and ball. Which means far less wasted energy and a clubface that is hot along its entire face. Bill Rogers, 1981 British Open champion, told me no driver he's used has been more forgiving on heel and toe hits. Another advantage of the cone: Reflecting vibrations back into the clubface means far less vibration travels up the shaft - a great feature for golfers with hand, wrist or arm problems. Continue with "full review" ...
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