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Nike Precision Power Distance Super-Soft Golf Ball

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


The Bottom Line

This Nike Golf ball does a good job and comes close to living up to its name, which combines "super soft" with "power distance."


  • Soft feel by distance ball standards.
  • Maintains good distance.


  • Not the longest of distance balls.


  • One of four varieties from Nike Golf's Power Distance line.
  • The "Super Soft" gets its name from its lower compression and softened Surlyn cover.
  • Core includes "maximum" cobalt, which Nike Golf says leads to a quick-spin response off of clubface.
  • Dimple pattern designed to create low-drag turbulence for a boring effect through wind.
  • Other varieties in Power Distance line: Hi-Launch, Feel-Speed and Ti-Velocity.

Guide Review - Nike Precision Power Distance Super-Soft Golf Ball

Nike Golf's Power Distance Super-Soft is a great addition to the value distance golf ball market. Its low compression and softened cover (ok, it's not TOO softened - you won't mistake it for balata, but it does have a pretty good feel to it for this niche) combine to create a distance ball that sports a softer feel than many other distance balls on the market. All testers who hit the ball liked it. None experienced explosive distance, however. The ball traveled well, to be sure, there were just no oohs-and-aahs kind of shots with it. It performed very well - again, by distance-ball standards - around and on the greens.

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