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Eidolon V-Sole Wedges

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Eidolon V-Sole Wedges
Eidolon Golf

The Bottom Line

Eidolon Golf's V-Sole wedges provide two different bounce angles on one wedge, offering golfers more versatility in playing shots. The clubs are attractive and effective.


  • V-Sole feature provides different bounce angles for more versatility.
  • Classic design - Eidolon V-Sole wedges are attractive clubs.
  • Club backed up by fantastic guarantee and warranty.


  • Shaft and spin characteristics may cost some golfers distance.


  • Eidolon makes three V-Sole wedges - 52-degree gap wedge, 56-degree mid-wedge, 60-degree lob wedge.
  • "V-Sole" refers to slightly v-shaped sole, which creates two bounce angles, one forward, one aft.
  • Wedges featured CNC-milled faces and scoring with sharp-edged grooves to help add spin.
  • Also adding to the spin are the Rifle Spinner shafts that come standard.
  • Eidolon V-Sole wedges are slightly shorter than most other wedges on the market.
  • Clubheads are made of 8620 carbon steel in a classic teardrop shape.
  • Finish of double nickel and chrome plating is satin buffed. Graphics are understated.
  • Company guarantee: Don't like Eidolon wedge, they'll replace it with competing wedge of your choice.
  • And warranty: V-Sole wedge will be repaired or replaced for the life of original registered owner.
  • MSRP of $119 per wedge.

Guide Review - Eidolon V-Sole Wedges

The "V-Sole" in Eidolon Golf's V-Sole wedges refers to the shape of the sole of the clubs, and that shape - slightly v-shaped - creates two different bounce angles in Eidolon's wedges.

Two bounce angles? What's up with that? Here's how Eidolon explains it on its Web site:

"While all wedges feature a bounce in their sole, the variations are practically endless. Some have aggressive bounces so that they will perform better from sand and fluffy lies. Others have more conservative bounce angles, which makes them play well from tight lies. ... And all the companies seem to tout their "tour sole", claiming that you need one because that's how the tour players like them. Well, you might . . . if you always played firm sand, had a minimum of bad lies, and practiced with your wedges 2-3 hours a day - every day!"

The V-Sole, Eidolon says, allows much more versatility. Hitting from a tight lie where less bounce is required? Shut down the club or play from the back of the stance. In fluffy sand or rough? Open the clubface to utilize more bounce.

The bounce characteristics take a little experimenting, but you should quickly catch on. Another characteristic is the increased spin golfers get. That's normally a good thing, but more backspin adds loft, and if you already hit the ball high this can cost you yards.

Eidolon is small company that only makes three wedges thus far. But it's run by the creator of Reid Lockhart and former president of Ray Cook, so it comes well-credentialed.

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