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Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x Golf Balls

The Best Get Better

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Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x Golf Balls
March 14, 2003 - What do you say when the best gets better?

In this case, you say, "Titleist."

Titleist's two new versions of its Pro V1 golf ball will be on store shelves as of April, 2003. But they were on the world's pro tours for months prior to that, and your golf guide waslucky enough to get a sneak peek as well.

The New Pro V1 is an update of the Pro V1 that has led the marketplace the past couple years.

The Pro V1x is the ball you've been hearing about from Ernie Els, Phil Mickelson and others who have been hitting their drives 20 yards longer. The two versions of the Pro V1 utilize some of the same technology, but are tweaked to fit better with certain swing characteristics.

When they hit the market, both will sport an MSRP of $56 per dozen. That's one of the highest-priced balls on the market, and much more than any beginner, high-handicapper or once-in-a-blue-mooner should ever pay for golf balls.

High-handicappers can enjoy the Pro V1s, but ultimately, a weekend hacker will hit them into the woods or water just as easily as an X-Out - but pay far more. No, the Pro V1s are geared to the serious - and seriously good - golfer who wants the best ball for his or her swing.

Pro V1s are high-performance balls for high-performance golfers. For evidence, we cite some numbers from early results on 2003 professional tours: Seven of the first nine PGA Tour winners played one of the Pro V1s; so did the first three Champions Tour winners, the first Nationwide Tour winner and six of the first nine European Tour winners.

New Pro V1 Characteristics
The New Pro V1 features a large core that is soft and fast, with a urethane elastomer cover that enhances speed and spin and features 392 dimples. Its performance is longer than the original Pro V1, and the distance is more consistent from tee-to-green - but maintains what Titleist calls (and has trademarked) "Drop-and-Stop" performance into greens.

The New Pro V1 is designed for golfers with a wide range of launch conditions.

Pro V1x Characteristics
The Pro V1x is really meant for the best of the best. It's a version of the Pro V1 optimized for the highest swing speeds and high lift launch conditions. Or, as Titleist puts it, "The Pro V1x is the distance and performance solution for Pro V1 players who require less spin into the green, as well as for golfers currently playing competitive high-performance golf balls with low spin and firmer feel.


The Pro V1x has a high-compression dual core in a speed-enhancing and spin-controlling ionomer casing and a soft, thin Urethane Elastomer cover. It has 332 dimples (60 fewer than the Pro V1), designed to aid a more penetrating ball flight. The Pro V1x spins less on all shots than the Pro V1, but should still provide plenty of feel around greens.

While the New Pro V1 is longer than the old Pro V1, it's the Pro V1x that has really turned heads with its distance. Els and Mickelson, in particular, have been blasting away and crediting their prodigious length to the Pro V1x.

But you simply can't go wrong with either ball - as long as you're willing to spend to the money.

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