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Tour Edge Introduces Full Set of Bazooka JMAX Iron-Woods


Tour Edge Bazooka JMAX Iron-Wood
Tour Edge Golf
Updated December 17, 2003
What is the next step in the evolution in utility clubs? How about a set comprised of nothing but utility clubs?

That next step is being taken by Tour Edge, which is introducing an 8-club set of Bazooka JMAX Iron-Woods.

Tour Edge calls the JMAX Iron-Wood "stunning, thought-provoking and overwhelmingly easy to hit." We wouldn't argue with that description; in fact, the JMAX Iron-Wood recently topped our rankings in the Best New Utility Clubs of 2003 category.

The Bazooka JMAX Iron-Wood combines a wide, heavy sole with a very low center of gravity (CG) and extreme perimeter weighting, all in the name of forgiveness, a k a game improvement.

Conventional long irons have a CG that is higher, resulting in a lower flight pattern and less forgiveness on off-center hits. The JMAX's extra-wide, 120-gram sole delivers one of the lowest CGs available in an iron. The low CG provides a quicker launch and a higher moment of inertia (the club's ability to resist twisting). That, combined with the hollow head, offers immense perimeter weighting not available in traditional cavity back irons.

The JMAX comes in the Iron-Wood and also in a traditional iron, and golfers can mix-and-match the new with the traditional to fill out a set. Or a golfer can choose an full set of Iron-Woods, from the 3 right through to the pitching wedge.

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