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Dunlop Unveils Tour-Caliber Irons, Wedges

RG Designs Clubs Created for John Daly Now Available to Consumers


Dunlop RG Designs Players Blades
Focus Golf Systems, Inc.
Feb. 12 2004 - With John Daly on board to play Dunlop clubs on the PGA Tour this year, the challenge for Dunlop was to come up with a set of premium, Tour-caliber irons and wedges.

Rick Gray, Dunlop's in-house master craftsman, and Director of Product Development for Focus Golf Systems, Inc., was given the task. The result is two-fold, a set of premium blades plus a two new series of premium wedges.

Dunlop RG Designs Players Blades
The RG Designs Players blades are muscleback tour blade irons designed for maximum workability.

The irons’ 304 soft stainless steel heads have milled faces featuring CNC grooves with hard chrome plating for more feel, greater control and longer durability.

The RG Designs Players blades carry a suggested retail price of $599.99 and will be available early spring in select golf specialty stores nationwide.

"The RG Designs Players blades are a great value for skilled players, who desire the feel and precision of a muscleback iron but hesitate to pay top-shelf prices," said Dan Murphy, Director of Marketing, Focus Golf Systems, Inc. "The first time Daly put these irons into play he fired a 65. Originally, these clubs were going to be specifically for John; however, after John told us how much he loves these clubs, we decided to offer them to consumers, as well."

RG Series Wedges
The RG Designs series offer two separate lines of wedges for skilled golfers.

• The RG Designs Carbon Steel series feature 8620 soft carbon steel clubheads for optimum feel on shorter, more delicate shots. The hard chrome plating gives these wedges a attractive appearance. The muscleback styling is designed for players who know how to work the ball and desire premium touch from their short game equipment.

The Carbon Steel series will be available in early spring in 50-, 53-, 56- and 60-degree lofts. The MSRP is $70.

• The RG Designs Oil Can series wedges feature oil quenched 8620 soft carbon steel heads for excellent feel and increased spin on short approach and recovery shots. The Oil quenched finish provides a classic appearance, and the finish rusts with time.

Oil Can series wedges will be available in early spring 2004 in 56- and 60-degree lofts. The MSRP is $80.

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