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Adams Adds Offset, Women's Models to Redline Drivers


Adams Redline Offset Driver
Adams Golf
Updated December 02, 2003
Adams Golf has announced two additions to its line of Redline drivers, an offset model (pictured) and a women's model.

Like all of Adams' Redline drivers, the two new models are 460cc and offer the maximum C.O.R.

"We have responded to the market by expanding the Redline offering to meet two clearly identifiable needs," said Chip Brewer, CEO of Adams Golf. "Adams Golf was the first to deliver a 460cc driver and continuing with our tradition of innovation, is now the first to offer this level of forgiveness in offset and women's models."

A look at the features of each new model:

Redline Offset
Adams Golf is the first major manufacturer to offer a 460cc driver with offset. The goal is to provide maximum forgiveness. The Redline Offset is game improvement taken to the max.
• Offset hosel helps square the face at impact.
• 460cc head offers maximum legal forgiveness.
• 460cc clubhead size provides 8 yards more distance than 360cc drivers.
• Available in lofts of 9.5, 10.5 and 11.5 (RH) and 10.5 (LH).
• Men's Golf Pride Velvet Feel grip.
• Shafts available in A, R, S, X.
• Ultralite High Modulus graphite shaft.
designed for Adams by Fujikura.
• MSRP $349.00

Redline Women's[br Adams calls the Redline Women's driver a "high-performance club designed and engineered for women."
• All the forgiveness of a 460cc head.
• Maximum legal C.O.R.
• Tungsten Perimeter Weighting for maximum M.O.I.
• Winn grip.
• Ultralite High Modulus graphite shaft.
designed for Adams by Fujikura; A flex for women.
• MSRP $349.00.

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