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Callaway Introduces New Big Bertha Driver, Woods


Updated July 09, 2004
"Big Bertha" is a brand that Callaway describes as "beloved." It is certainly that for the golf company it made wealthy. But not many golfers would argue with the description, either.

Callaway is updating the Big Bertha brand once again, announcing the release of a new Big Bertha Titanium Driver and Big Bertha Stainless Steel Fairway Woods.

The new clubs are scheduled to ship to retail outlets in January, 2004. The drive will carry an MSRP of $315 while the fairway woods check in at $225-$285 depending of choice of shaft.

The 360cc head of the Big Bertha Titanium Driver is slightly longer from heel to toe than other Callaway drivers. That helps produce a wide, forgiving hitting area and provide stability on off-center hits.

A "ribbon" around the perimeter of the driver helps place the center of gravity in a position that Callaway says produces a distance-enhacing trajectory - maximizing both carry and roll.

The Big Bertha Stainless Steel Fairway Woods harken to both the Steelhead and War Bird models.

Like its Steelhead series, the new Big Bertha fairway woods combine a heavy steel face and a lighter crown area. An internal weight chip is welded inside each Big Bertha fairway wood, and those ingredients lower the center of gravity to help the ball get airborne more easily.

The new fairway woods also include an updated version of the War Bird sole, whose design helps the club perform in fairway, rough or sand.

Righthanded players will have 11 different fairway wood models to choose from, from 3-wood up to 11-wood with a couple "strong" models also in the mix.

Five models will be available for lefties.

Big Bertha Titanium Driver will carry a suggested retail price of $315 with either an RCH(R) 65w graphite shaft or a Gems(TM) 55w graphite shaft, while the Big Bertha Stainless Steel Fairway Woods will have a suggested retail price of $285 with an RCH 75w graphite shaft or a Gems 55w graphite shaft, or $225 with a uniflex steel shaft. Special-order shafts and grips are also available.

Women's versions of the driver and fairway woods will also be offered.

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