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Wilson Deep Red Irons

Reader-Submitted Review of Wilson Deep Red Irons

By Jerry Burger

Reviewer: Jerry Burger

Reviewer's handicap: 18

Club acquired from: Wilson company representative

Cost: $275 for 3-PW with gap wedge and sand wedge

Positives of this Club
These clubs are straight, straight and straight!

Negatives of this Club
I haven't found one yet!

I was deciding between these and the Callaway X-14 irons. After hitting both for about 30 minutes at a computerized range at the golf shop, I was undecided. They were performing nearly equally. I have a friend who works for Wilson so I could get those at her cost, so my decision was made. I used to shoot anywhere from high 80s to mid-90s, but since buying these clubs have not shot above 85 in over 10 rounds. The Fat Shaft technology does exactly what it says - keeps the club from twisting - and the results are straighter, longer shots. I have gained 10-15 yards per club with these. Mishits are very forgiving and still get considerable distance. I have just bought the lob wedge to complete the set. Best money I ever spent.

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